Second-gift conversion starts now

We know online-acquired donors behave differently than donors who come from any other channel, so how can we capitalize on this knowledge to boost second-gift conversion rates? Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Identify and categorize your online donors in your database as online acquired. This will be critical for future analysis as more start to come onto your file.
  • Change the receipting ask strategy to be less than the first gift, since we know online-acquired donors typically give 15-30% less when they give a second gift. A strong starting point is to use your acquisition dollar handle strategy.
  • Get them into the regular mail stream as soon as possible (including paper receipts). Donor giving trends are not channel exclusive.
  • Modify your cultivation ask strategy for online-acquired donors in the new donor cultivation stream for the spring. (Many of our new donor packages already do this!) If online-acquired donors don’t give again within 3-6 months, test a lower ask strategy in cultivation.

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