Boost your Ecommerce tracking and analytics

You already know how critical it is to have a strong online presence. Did you also know that tools to assist with website and social media analysis can be both inexpensive and user-friendly? The important thing is to start using some type of tool to measure and track digital activity.

  • Google Analytics is free, and a great way to start measuring how visitors are interacting with your website—you can see the content they’re interested in, and how they engage with the donation process.
  • Let Russ Reid help you set up Ecommerce with Traffic Source tracking in Google Analytics to unlock the potential behind your website and digital marketing efforts. This will also help measure how offline campaigns are impacting online giving. Keeping a comprehensive calendar of both online and offline fundraising activity (everything from SEM to direct mail to special events) can also help you determine the drivers behind online traffic and revenue.
  • Once Ecommerce tracking is in place, you can set up conversion funnel reports to provide insight into how to improve your giving process, and measure all individual traffic sources and campaigns. This provides valuable feedback on how to best allocate budgets moving forward.

If you’re able to accurately track the sources of your traffic, you’ll be even better equipped to understand the effects of different marketing channels on your website revenue!