Drivers and converters

There are so many aspects and avenues of your organization’s digital presence that it may seem impossible to understand it as a simple model. What raises money? What doesn’t? Should we bother with things that don’t raise money? How do they work together?

Russ Reid firmly believes that digital strategy is simple . . . deceptively so. Our shorthand description for the fundamental digital model for nonprofits is ‘Drivers and Converters.’

  • Drivers are activities and channels that cause people to become interested in your offers, and drive them to your website (banners, online video, social media, email, TV, radio, direct mail and public relations).
  • Converters are activities and channels that turn that traffic into new donors and revenue growth.  Your website is your primary digital converter, and optimization to improve its conversion rate is one of the best ways to grow conversion. 

To get maximum effectiveness from your marketing investments, integrate drivers and converters so people getting an offer in the mail, on TV or via a banner will find the same offer in search, or on the website. Then invest in the part of the model where your metrics are lagging your goals.

It’s really as simple as that. Have a high return on investment from your digital efforts, but low volume of revenue and small annual growth? You need to activate more drivers. Is your traffic growing but your ROI and conversion rate poor? Time to focus on improving your converters. If you are struggling in both areas–and many nonprofits are–then you need to pull both levers, hard. As you do, monitor conversion rate for website, and generated traffic and revenue sourced by traffic, for your drivers. Then add resource where you need to, depending on your needs.

Check out the infographic below. We believe this Integration Superhighway is a useful way to illustrate the philosophy we’ve presented above.  

Integration Superhighway

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