Optimize your landing page

When it comes to fundraising on the web, few things matter more than conversion rate.

Conversion rate–the percentage of people visiting your website or landing page who give a gift–tends to be the bottleneck that limits your web fundraising success. There are lots of useful ways to drive qualified traffic to your website, including banner advertising, video, search, social media and a variety of offline marketing options. But if only a small percentage of the people you’re bringing to the site give a gift, your revenue and acquisition gains are limited, and the cost of your marketing investments in driving traffic yield a low return on investment.

That’s why site optimization is one of the most critical–and beneficial–things you can do to ensure the successful growth of your web fundraising efforts.

Optimization is an ongoing test methodology in which you test two (or more) versions of a page that is critical to your web fundraising efforts. Your search landing page, main giving page and homepage are all top candidates for optimization testing. Change one variable on that page and test it versus the control version. Determine which version has the higher conversion rate, and switch to that version. Then start your next test. Do this for a year, and over the course of the year, some of your tests will win. Through those wins, you’ll grow your conversion rate. In some cases, we’ve seen optimization lead to a doubling of conversion rate, and in every case, it’s led to substantial growth. The impact on your web revenue and acquisition is immense. 

How immense? Try this: go get your current website conversion rate from your digital team. Try increasing it by 25%, 50% or 100%, and applying it in a “what if” scenario to your web revenue stats from the previous year. That will tell you the potential impact of optimization.

So why aren’t more nonprofits using optimization? The main issues are specific expertise and implementation. Knowing what to test, and in what sequence, is more than half the battle. For that, you need an optimization specialist, and most nonprofits don’t have one of those on staff. The second issue is complexity. The setup, maintenance and analysis of split tests on your website is no simple thing. 

If you’re interested, Russ Reid is here to help. We offer optimization specialists and will handle test setup, implementation and analysis on your behalf.  We’d love to talk more with you about optimization. If you’re interested, contact us now.