Search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven strategy designed to drive traffic to your website in a cost-efficient manner. Even so, SEO is often overlooked by digital marketers due to its reputation of being tedious, time-consuming and slow to produce results.

Why, then, does SEO remain a foundational element of any comprehensive digital strategy? Simply put, 93% of all online experiences begin at a search engine. Additionally, 70% of the links that users click on to reach their destination are organic links, or non-sponsored links. If your organization is not employing SEO tactics to drive users to your site, you are losing valuable traffic.

One of the best ways to get started with SEO is by participating in Russ Reid’s comprehensive SEO website audit. Through this process we will help you identify key areas of growth, as well as provide practical recommendations that will lead to real results. With a relatively small investment and an eye towards a long-term goal, SEO will not only increase the volume of traffic to your website, but the quality as well. Please contact us if you are interested in adding SEO to your digital marketing plan.