UMM site redesign and optimization

Union Mission Ministries boosts revenue with website redesign and optimization

The challenge

Union Mission Ministries (UMM) needed a new website to help them accomplish various goals:

• Track and convert donations effectively and efficiently

• Convey their value proposition and brand promise

• Recruit volunteers

Once the redesigned site was deployed, the ongoing challenge was to increase online giving by driving traffic from the homepage to the giving funnel – specifically the main donation page.

Russ Reid solution

We started by partnering with the Mission to redesign their website based on nonprofit and industry eCommerce best practices, employing the following:

• Donor-friendly information architecture

• Streamline, easy-to-use eCommerce solution

• A content management system with the flexibility to complete updates in-house

• Simple and effective site analytic tools to measure success

Next, we developed an optimization strategy and intricate testing plan – starting with a main donation page test. We proposed testing a variation of the top navigation that replaced the single “Give” label with “Donate” and added a new “Ways to Give” label. The “Donate” label would now link directly to the main donation page, while the “Ways to Give” label would continue to link to the “Give” sub-section. This new approach would provide highly motivated users an easy giving pathway directly into the main donation page while still allowing less motivated users the opportunity to learn more about UMM through “Ways to Give”.

The test hypothesis was that the switch from “Give” to “Donate” as well as the addition of a “Ways to Give” label would boost clicks by increasing the emphasis on giving in the minds of users, which in-turn would lead to higher online conversions.

Russ Reid worked with UMM to launch a 50/50 A/B split test of the two top navigation, which ran for 23-day period, and reached a confidence level of 99.9%.


• The website redesign increased online giving 181%!

• The Mission has seen more online volunteer inquiries than ever before

• The change from “Give” to “Donate” and the addition of a “Ways to Give” label increased the click-through-rate by 300%

• Increased traffic from homepage to donation form generated a 49% lift in conversions

• Next steps include ongoing optimization testing for incremental improvements

Control treatment:

UMM Control

Test treatment:

UMM Test


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