Growing online revenue

Growing online revenue in significant ways for locally-based nonprofits

The challenge

Russ Reid partners with 150 Rescue Missions and Food Banks across the United States and Canada. These locally-based nonprofit organizations need a digital strategy to drive rapid, scalable revenue and recruitment growth. For maximum efficiency, they require a nationally managed strategy; for maximum effectiveness, they need an agency partner who can execute that strategy in a customized way for each local context.

Russ Reid solution

Russ Reid delivered a comprehensive digital strategy featuring an e-commerce website redesign, paid search and display advertising, and integrated fundraising campaigns including direct mail, email and social media components. Key features of the solution included:

• Websites designed based on nonprofit and general e-commerce best practices

  • Donor-friendly information architecture
  • Streamlined, easy-to-use e-commerce solution
  • A content management system allowing flexibility to complete updates in-house
  • Simple and effective site analytics tools to measure success

• Digital marketing plan

  • SEO
  • SEM/Display advertising
  • Paid search to drive qualified traffic and conversion
  • Display to fuel search and site traffic while increasing awareness

• Integrated campaigns

  • Direct mail
  • Email
  • Social media touts


Our digital strategy achieved dramatic revenue growth in every market that deployed our comprehensive digital solution. Four examples of success are as follows:

1. Phoenix Rescue Mission, Phoenix, AZ

• The number of daily website visitors doubled

• Page views per visit increased 137%

• Time spent onsite increased 74%

• Site conversion rate increased 10% year-over-year

• Online giving increased an average of 20% since launch

• Donor email list grew 34% in 6 months

Email revenue during the holiday season was 4 times higher than previous years

2. Union Gospel Mission, Dallas, TX

• Site traffic has increased 50% since launch

• Paid search is converting 1.5 times higher than organic, and driving more than double the revenue

• Site conversion rate has increased by 50%

• Year-over-year online giving is up by over 100%

• Transactions are up 64%

3. United Food Banks, Mesa, AZ

• Year-over-year site visits were 7 times higher during peak giving month of December

Online revenue doubled

• Transactions increased 59%

• Average give value spiked to $141

4. Union Mission Ministries, Norfolk, VA

• Online giving increased 108% post-launch

• Mission has seen more volunteer inquiries than ever

• Email revenue has doubled post-launch

Examples of new banner creative

Banner 1 Banner 2



Examples of new website design

Web 1 web 2 web 3 web 4


Examples of email creative

email 1 email 3


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