Leveraging Social Media in Bad Weather Situations

Over the last year many of our communities have faced an unprecedented onslaught of bad weather. Bad weather affects you as charities because it impacts the people you serve. The most vulnerable members of our community suffer most when the weather turns bad.

As you help people face a major weather event, you need your supporters working alongside you, with money, talent or other resources. To mobilize that support, social media can be a major asset . . . if you use it the right way.

Here are Russ Reid’s tips for deploying social media during a bad weather situation that affects your work:

  • Update as soon as possible–when bad weather hits, get your video, tweets and Facebook status posted early
  • Keep posting and stay on the story until it’s over
  • Bad weather updates are in your donors’ news feeds. Be a voice of differentiation offering a unique perspective of the impact of bad weather on those most in need
  • Your audience will know how much you care by how much you talk about caring

As you engage your donors, make sure you’re answering these questions:

1. What does bad weather mean for the people you serve?  What’s the need it creates?

2. How does bad weather affect your work? What extra needs for support does it create for your organization?

3. What facts demonstrate the impact or severity of the situation?

4. What tangible steps can your supporters take to make a difference?

5. What can they be telling their friends about the situation to help make a difference?

And if you need a helping hand when responding to the next major weather situation that arises, let your team at Russ Reid know–we’d be happy to help.