5 tests that will transform your online fundraising

Is your website converting visitors to donors as effectively as it could be?

To successfully grow your donor base—and boost your online fundraising—the most effective approach is to combine your efforts to drive traffic to your site with efforts to improve the way you convert them once they get there. It’s known as conversion optimization—the process of strategically testing elements across your website with the goal of increasing your conversion rate. It’s an essential part of any digital strategy and can deliver:

  • Higher ROI
  • The ability to do more with the traffic already at your site
  • Dramatic increase in your online fundraising potential

That’s why we’ve prepared 5 Tests That Will Transform Your Online Fundraising.

5 Tests That Will Transform Your Online Fundraising

This free white paper will help you achieve a measurable increase in donor giving by testing: Value proposition Images Storytelling Call to action Credibility

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