Philabundance – Monthly donor pop-up

Monthly donor pop-up expects to receive $135,000 in revenue over next five years

The challenge

Philabundance was determined to grow their monthly donor program. Strategically focused on increasing the number of supporters, they came to us for a recommendation. We developed the monthly donor pop‐up as their first foray.

Russ Reid solution

To help ensure the success of the pop‐up, the following methodology was key:

  1. Reach the donor at the optimal time
  2. Make it easy to convert from a one‐time giver to monthly giver
  3. Reinforce the additional impact that becoming a monthly donor can make
  4. Utilize an appropriate donation ask

Philabundance case study

Who is the perfect monthly donor candidate? In this case, a web user that has just clicked “Submit” to give a gift. By setting the pop‐up to appear immediately following a one‐time gift submission, we were able to speak to the donor at just the right time. How easy did we make it for the donor? A single‐click could change their support from a one‐time gift to recurring monthly.

The question “Want to make a bigger impact?” followed by the highlighted impact statement “$25 will provide 50 meals every month”, clearly communicated the opportunity to the donor to make their gift go further and be recognized member of the monthly giving program.

In order to further encourage monthly gift conversions, we developed an algorithm that automatically customized the monthly gift ask to correspond with the donor’s original gift amount. For example, a donor who submitted a $20.00 one‐time gift received a $10.00 suggested monthly gift ask, while a donor who submitted a gift between $50.01 ‐ $100.00 received a $25.00 suggested monthly gift ask through the pop‐up.


To put it simply, the pop‐up worked. It accomplished Philabundance’s goal and increased the number of monthly giving program supporters with very strong results. During the three months that it ran on the donation page (November 2013, December 2013, and January 2014), the pop‐ up resulted in:

  • 84 new monthly reoccurring donations
  • $27,000 from just 1 year of monthly giving revenue
  • 92% increase in monthly sustainers YOY
  • Nearly 6:1 ROI

The pop‐up’s successful impact on Philabundance’s monthly donor program will contribute to a significant increase in annual revenue year over year. With 84 new monthly donors now under their belt, Philabundance is expected to receive $135,000 in revenue from just those donors over the next five years.

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