Atlanta Community Food Bank – 5 x email revenue

Atlanta Community Food Bank improves fall email revenue by 22% YoY; achieves 5x revenue growth with a replacement three-send series

The challengeACFB giving tuesday 2015

Reassess seasonal and per-send email plans for Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) to identify strategic, creative, and messaging improvements with an aim to increase campaign revenue YoY.

ACFB’s fall email plans traditionally include a Thanksgiving series, a Gift Catalog series, and Year-End fundraising emails. In reviewing fall 2014 email performance in preparation for fall 2015, Russ Reid partnered with ACFB to improve ACFB’s seasonal email revenue and specifically in early December.

Russ Reid solution

Strategic improvements to ACFB’s fall 2015 email plan included (with individual assessment per email send):

  • Improved creative and copy to highlight the offers with clarity
  • Emphasis placed on localization of stories and photos where appropriate
  • Call-to-action labels updated
  • Emphasis on appeal “urgency” when influential

The most significant of strategic improvements to the fall 2015 email plan was a complete replacement of 2014’s three-send Gift Catalog series to a #GivingTuesday email campaign leveraging the three sends on key dates Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and #GivingTuesday. Based on 2014 Fall Gift Catalog email performance, this recommendation was twofold: 1) An aim for exponentially greater income from this three-send series deployed after Thanksgiving, and 2) the advantage of #GivingTuesday fundraising via email as Russ Reid has experienced with other partners.

Russ Reid delivered:

  • Email strategy from start to execution for this new replacement series
  • #GivingTuesday consultation and encouragement for a matching gift
  • Email assets for ACFB deployment

Objectives for this three-send #GivingTuesday series included:

  • Improve email performance metrics
  • Improve email revenue from 2014’s three-send Gift Catalog series ($7,050)
  • An overall campaign goal of $30,000 (plus a $30,000 matching gift from Medlytix) to provide 120,000 meals for hungry Georgians


ACFB raised $137,676 in email revenue in fall 2015 – an increase of $24,918 from fall 2014.

The three-send (five-day) #GivingTuesday campaign raised $35,361 (revenue sourced from email only) – achieving extraordinary growth over 2014’s Gift Catalog email series:

  • Raised 5x the revenue of 2014’s Gift Catalog email series
  • Improved email open rate from 12.83% to 16.45%
  • Improved number of email actions taken from 72 to 227, improving the action rate from 0.05% to 0.18%
  • $126,933 in total #GivingTuesday campaign revenue

Fall 2015’s total email revenue alone provided 550,704 meals to feed hungry Georgians – nearly 100,000 more meals than raised from fall 2014 emails.

Russ Reid continues to evaluate ACFB’s seasonal and per-send email plans and have achieved even greater revenue improvements in spring 2016.

ACFB-email case study

For additional information on this campaign or how Russ Reid can help your nonprofit grow beyond, contact Andrew Olsen (CFRE, Vice President).