Souls Harbour Rescue Mission – 2,668 nights of shelter

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission 6th annual Homelessness Awareness Week raises awareness and 2,668 nights of shelter ($66,877) for Regina’s homeless

SHRM - case study 1The challenge

Create and execute a social awareness and fundraising component for Souls Harbour Rescue Mission’s (SHRM) unique 6th annual Homelessness Awareness Week campaign in conjunction with their 25th Anniversary.

As SHRM’s first large-scale social media effort, prove that social media coupled with email marketing can successfully create added awareness for the Mission and contribute toward the campaign goal of raising 2,500 nights of shelter ($62,200) in celebration of 25 years of providing hope to the homeless, hungry and hurting in Regina.

Russ Reid solution

Integrated social media strategy aimed to spread mass local awareness of the campaign and call-to-action by:

  • Deploying Facebook, Twitter and email to drive reach of the campaign message and fundraising response to the campaign site
  • The creation and use of integrated ‘Nights of Shelter’ creative to support campaign recognition across digital channels
  • Sharing the personal experience of “homeless Joe” from the rooftop of the Mission through real-time updates in his own voice
  • Proposing and leveraging a social action partnership to inspire viral word-of-mouth for greater awareness and response. SHRM acquired this partnership with the local Saskatoon office of the global engineering company Stantec.

Russ Reid delivered:

  • Full social media strategy, content plan, and management during the campaign
  • Real-time co-developed content in collaboration with Joe and SHRM
  • Social advertising strategy and management on Facebook
  • An integrated campaign e-Appeal
  • Integrated digital creative for,, Facebook ads, and the email appeal

Objectives for this week-long campaign included:

  • 2,500 nights of shelter raised ($62,200)
  • 2,500 hashtag mentions of #Stantec4thehomeless


SHRM - case study 2The 6th annual Homelessness Awareness Week campaign exceeded its goal of 2,500 nights of shelter raising 2,688 nights of shelter ($66,877). In addition, the social campaign experienced an all time high in social engagement and reach for SHRM:

  • reaching 116,815 people on Facebook; acquiring 2,662 content consumers; engaging 10,368 users
  • virally gaining 10,070 post likes from people talking about the campaign on Facebook; 257 shares
  • acquiring 90,634 impressions of @Souls_Harbour tweets alone; 2,749 Twitter engagements; 801 retweets

In social partnership with Stantec, the hashtag #Stantec4thehomeless acquired $3 for every Twitter mention received during the 5-day campaign up to $7,500 (or 301 nights of shelter). The goal of 2,500 mentions was reached on day 3; a total of 2,679 Twitter hashtag mentions were achieved from August 24-28; mentions continued weeks following the campaign.

Significantly, major local well-knowns became aware of the hashtag campaign and encouraged their followers to retweet including:

  • SHRM - case study 3Premier of Saskatchewan @PremierBradWall (61k followers)
  • @ReginaPolice (47.5k followers)
  • Social media maven @FeistyFrugal (41k followers)
  • Local entertainment companies, brands and personalities @ReginaDowntown (10k followers), @SaskMusic (6.5k followers), @RustieDean (My921Regina morning host, 4.5k Followers), @BigDog927Regina (7k followers), @SaskRealtors (4.5k followers)
  • @Stantec also mentioned the campaign several times (14.5k followers)

SHRM’s most successful nights of shelter campaign to date and highly successful social media effort raising more awareness than ever before, the 6th annual Homelessness Awareness Week campaign exceeded every goal from nights of shelter/revenue to social media actions set forth in campaign planning. Russ Reid is especially honored to have been so involved in this campaign from strategy to execution and celebration of a major success for Souls Harbour Rescue Mission!

For additional information on this campaign or how Russ Reid can help your nonprofit grow beyond, contact Andrew Olsen (CFRE, Vice President).