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Atlanta Community Food Bank – Newsletter redesign

Award-winning newsletter redesign achieves 176% increase in revenue

The challenge

Atlanta Community Food Bank (ACFB) has an award‐winning newsletter that they design and produce in‐house through their Marketing & Communications team.

In 2014, ACFB sought counsel from Russ Reid to help enhance the fundraising performance of this newsletter. Although it was highly informative and brand‐integrated, the Food Bank had trouble generating revenue from this quarterly publication.

Russ Reid solution

Knowing that ACFB intended to continue designing and producing this newsletter in‐house, Russ Reid came alongside the Food Bank’s Marketing & Communications and Development teams to audit the newsletter and provide revenue‐enhancing recommendations.

Russ Reid’s Strategy & Creative teams assessed the newsletter and identified key improvement opportunities, including design, messaging, layout, tone and copy, page/article length, and audience.


The ACFB team quickly implemented many of Russ Reid’s recommendations and redesigned the newsletter in February 2015. These changes led to a 176% increase in revenue compared to the previous year looking at the first two newsletters of the year, February and May.

Atlanta Community Food Bank expects to further improve this newsletter by testing into audience recommendations made by Russ Reid later in the year. We expect the audience refinement to further enhance the fundraising effectiveness of the Food Bank’s newsletter program.

“We are so appreciative of all of the guidance, advice and encouragement!” – Atlanta Community Food Bank

To learn how Russ Reid can help your Food Bank grow beyond, please contact Andrew Olsen (CFRE, Vice President).

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New Hampshire Food Bank – The impact of changing agencies

Year-over-year growth achieved in identifying strategies for improvement

The challenge

In 2014 Russ Reid was hired by New Hampshire Food Bank (NHFB). Our Strategy team quickly went to work assessing the organization’s programs, including a deep dive on institutional messaging, themes, contact cadence, segmentation strategy, digital properties, and integration —with the goal of identifying strategies that were working well and areas for improvement. Several key areas for improvement were identified.

Russ Reid solution

The Russ Reid team quickly went to work developing and executing a more sophisticated segmentation strategy, refining contact cadence, varying the creative and messaging delivered to NHFB’s donors, and integrating new channels to help maximize per donor value for the Food Bank.

While only mailing one additional appeal, Russ Reid applied a segmentation strategy that better targeted the donors who were most likely to give, while reducing mail frequency to donors who were less likely to give additional gifts.

Russ Reid further enhanced NHFB’s program by integrating digital media campaigns (SEM and Display) into the direct response program, with the goal of increasing the value of newly acquired donors and converting more existing donors to multi-channel givers.


These strategic changes fueled phenomenal year-over-year growth for the Food Bank:

  • 117% increase in the number of acquisition responses from new and reactivated donors
  • 25% increase in income from new/reactivated donors in acquisition
  • New/reactivated donors were acquired at a positive $6.55/gift
  • 45% increase in the number of gifts from existing donors
  • 46% increase in revenue from existing donors
  • 36% higher total return on investment (ROI) compared to plan
  • 29% increase in the number of active donors and a 18% lift in overall revenue
  • Increased retention in many categories of donors: 4% from current donors, 23% from 1-2 year lapsed donors, and 29% from 3+ year inactive donors

To learn how Russ Reid can help your Food Bank grow beyond, please contact Andrew Olsen (CFRE, Vice President).

View a downloadable PDF of this case study.