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Setting hearts on fire starts with igniting your donors’ passion for the work you do. At Russ Reid, our goal is to help you do just that.

That’s why we’ve prepared Big Data—Its impact in the Fundraising World.

This free white paper will help you improve your marketing program’s performance and transform even more lives.

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Is your website converting visitors to donors as effectively as it could be?

To successfully grow your donor base—and boost your online fundraising—the most effective approach is to combine your efforts to drive traffic to your site with efforts to improve the way you convert them once they get there. It’s known as conversion optimization—the process of strategically testing elements across your website w … (read more…)

Russ Reid’s Heart of the Donor™ study did more than break new ground. Some say it changed the face of fundraising. Download our landmark study for invaluable insight into donor motivation and behavior for the 21st century.

Our study highlights several areas of exploration, questioning:

  • Who gives to nonprofits and who does not?
  • What channels are donors … (read more…)