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By Russ Reid Digital. This post is part of Russ Reid’s summer resource series. Thanks to one of our Missions partners for recommending this digital tip topic.

Non-profit email lists churn (or experience list attrition) at a rate of about 13-14% a year (source: 2014 eNonprofits Benchmark Study, M+R). Churn … (read more…)

By: Scott VanderLey, Russ Reid V.P. Digital

Digital growth through the Summer lull

The summer months are a relatively lean fundraising season, and this fact has caused charities to try out a variety of campaigns and strategies over the years to boost Summer giving.

With … (read more…)

By: Lindsey Talerico-Hedren, Russ Reid Digital Strategist – Content & Social

Summer social media focus: Build trust

A long, long time ago social media existed for the non-profit marketing purpose equivalent to an add-on, or an extra touch to a marketing plan or campaign… a way to reach a “younger” audience and only a younger audience.

Today, social media … (read more…)

By: Nathan Looney, Russ Reid Director of Digital Strategy

Creating valuable donor experiences on your website through the implicit ask

Non-profit organizations’ websites are tasked with achieving a variety of objectives.  From relaying information about your organization to offering assistance to those in need, … (read more…)

This post brought to you by Russ Reid Digital with answers by Elliot Wilkerson, Director, Digital Media Buying at Russ Reid.

1: Why is search engine marketing important to my digital strategy?

About 3.5 billion Google searches are performed every day. We rely on search engines to find what we need, and those search engines exist to serve up the most relevant content in the most … (read more…)

By:  Lindsey Talerico-Hedren, Russ Reid’s Social and Content Strategist

How to handle negative feedback in social media

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if 100% of the social media attention your organization attracted was positive –providing resounding recommendations for your brand? Wouldn’t it be great if your online user experience was so friendly that … (read more…)

Over the last year many of our communities have faced an unprecedented onslaught of bad weather. Bad weather affects you as charities because it impacts the people you serve. The most vulnerable members of our community suffer most when the weather turns bad.

As you help people face a major weather event, you need your supporters working alongside you, with money, talent or other resources. To mobilize that … (read more…)

I used to be a skeptic when it came to banner advertising.

After all, direct response marketing is built on the concept of relevance – targeting the right message to the right audience at the right time. Doing this with banners – buying a particular spot on a particular website, say – tended to be prohibitively expensive. The kind of banner advertising that was affordable for nonprofits seemed to be little … (read more…)

Giving Tuesday—or #GivingTuesday, if you prefer—started last year as a grassroots effort. While results from the first foray weren’t huge, they were promising. The idea itself is very promising: since retailers have the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving to kick off the holiday shopping season, why not claim the following Tuesday to kick off the holiday giving season?

Started by 92nd Street Y, a New … (read more…)

By Jeanne Harris, Vice President, Client Services

At our disposal are a multitude of vehicles in which to deliver our marketing and fundraising messages. The combined power of mail and digital marketing to formulate a holistic “surround sound” can deliver formidable marketing messaging and create synergy between all available and appropriate channels.

Here are six tips for creating your own fundraising and … (read more…)

Amid the rapid growth of mobile, the rise of email engagement via mobile devices is pretty staggering. A March 2013 report showed the percentage of email opens via mobile devices – that’s smartphones and tablets – at 43%. Just two years ago, that number was only 13%. At that rate, mobile devices are slated to become the primary vehicles for email engagement in less than one year from today. Given the importance … (read more…)

How do you make great web video, and how do you make it worth your while?

For nonprofits, great web video should be sharable, relatable and compelling. Most importantly, it should motivate people to take action.

Through the natural course of doing what you do, nonprofits interact with people in … (read more…)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a proven strategy designed to drive traffic to your website in a cost-efficient manner. Even so, SEO is often overlooked by digital marketers due to its reputation of being tedious, time-consuming and slow to produce results.

Why, then, does SEO remain a foundational element of any comprehensive digital strategy? Simply put, 93% of all online experiences begin at a search … (read more…)

Chances are, a number of you reading this email today are already fans of Pinterest. If so, I’m guessing you’ve been wondering how to harness the strengths of Pinterest to benefit your organization. Maybe you’re already experimenting with it.

Whether you’re a fan or not, there is reason to take note; Pinterest is growing explosively among … (read more…)

It looks fairly certain that in the next couple of years, tablet and handheld devices will begin to overtake laptop and desktop computers as the computing device of choice for most consumers. It is important that charities be prepared for that eventuality.

As of now, investments in mobile do not have the same potential for revenue return as comparable investments in non-mobile website development, search, display … (read more…)

When it comes to fundraising on the web, few things matter more than conversion rate.

Conversion rate–the percentage of people visiting your website or landing page who give a gift–tends to be the bottleneck that limits your web fundraising success. There are lots of useful ways to drive qualified traffic to your website, including banner … (read more…)

There are so many aspects and avenues of your organization’s digital presence that it may seem impossible to understand it as a simple model. What raises money? What doesn’t? Should we bother with things that don’t raise money? How do they work together?

Russ Reid firmly believes that digital strategy is simple . . . deceptively so. Our … (read more…)

Email is easy, right? We’ve all been using email for years. Of the many means we use to communicate and raise funds via digital, it has become one of the most familiar—but not necessarily one of the best-utilized. We think email needs a closer look.

The path to email success starts with best practices for email. Here are a few of our favorites:

On March 30th a dramatically different Facebook page format will replace the current main page. Facebook Timeline will become mandatory for all organizational Facebook pages…including yours. That gives you just about two weeks to get ready, and our tip this month is all about helping you put your best foot forward during this changeover.

First, the good news: we’ve determined that this Timeline change does far … (read more…)

You already know how critical it is to have a strong online presence. Did you also know that tools to assist with website and social media analysis can be both inexpensive and user-friendly? The important thing is to start using some type of tool to measure and track digital activity. … (read more…)

Did you know that up to 25% of donors give another gift just for getting a Thank You receipt? Here are some things to keep in mind when evaluating your receipting processes.

  • Timely receipting: it’s important, but does the channel it’s delivered in matter? Let your donors tell you which channel they prefer. Our 2010 Heart of the Donor™research shows that donor response channel can … (read more…)

We know online-acquired donors behave differently than donors who come from any other channel, so how can we capitalize on this knowledge to boost second-gift conversion rates? Here are some steps to get you started:

  • Identify and categorize your online donors in your database as online acquired. This will be critical for future analysis as more start to come onto your file.
  • Change the … (read more…)