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Fall resource series

November 17 webinar – 2016 Election Impact – Initial Thoughts

Hear some initial observations surrounding the election, how it was supposed to impact media and fundraising, and what really happened.

Did spend levels reach the billions of dollars that were anticipated? Have we seen any impact on results so far?
Is there anything we can take away for the next election at this point? Access the webinar recording >>

October 13 webinar – Broadcast Media 101

Russ Reid has created successful direct response television programs for nonprofit organizations for over 40 years. In this webinar, David DeBetta, VP of Media Buying discusses how the Russ Reid way of buying long and short form television enhances your marketing efforts. Access the webinar recording >>

September 22 webinar – Building a monthly sustainer program: Seeing the difference it can really make

VP of Russ Reid, Lois Ephraim, discusses why growing your sustainer program is key to getting predictable income in unpredictable times. Discover who will be your best sustainers and how can you reach them. You’ll see examples of strong sustainer programs, learn the essentials for crafting a compelling offer, and explore effective acquisition strategies that can work for you.  Access the webinar recording >>

Summer resource series

July 21 webinar – Social giving campaigns and the #GivingTuesday opportunity

Russ Reid’s Digital & Content strategist Lindsey Talerico-Hedren discusses the opportunity, creative territory and success of social giving campaigns in the U.S. and Canada including three Russ Reid case studies. Access the webinar recording >> (The recording for this webinar begins at 0:14; due to audio issues we recommend you fast forward the recording and begin at 7:15. More audio issues occurred at 33:40-41:00, please skip to 41:00 for the rest of the recording)

Webinar series on how to successfully procure seven-, six- and five-figure gifts

“You can’t get it unless you ask.” Then why is asking so hard?

When it comes to running a successful Major Gifts program, two components are critical: Making the ask, and managing the process.

June 30 webinar – Major gifts: The nuts and bolts of a successful Major Gifts program

Russ Reid Director of Client Data Services Elina Gorelik discusses how to build your pipeline, manage your prospect portfolio, track prospects’ progress, and know the key reports to keep you sane, organized and successful. Access the webinar recording >>

June 16 webinar – Major donors: Mastering the ask

Russ Reid Director of Business Development Karen Erren discusses how to navigate the “ask” with confidence and ensure the answer you most often hear is Yes! Access the webinar recording >> 

May 26 webinar – Maximizing the Middle (Donor)

VP of Russ Reid Andrew Olsen, CFRE, talks middle donors: What makes middle donors different? How does their giving behavior look different for Food Banks and Rescue Missions – and what can be done to increase their giving? Access the webinar recording >> 

Russ Reid webinar series on Digital Strategy

(Part 5) April 27 webinar – How Optimization testing can transform your online fundraising

In the concluding part 5 of Russ Reid’s webinar series on Digital Strategy, Rebecca Holden (Russ Reid’s Optimization Specialist) shares the tactic that is helping unlock an optimized donation funnel, drastically improving the online fundraising performance of our client’s websites. Rebecca uncovers how Optimization testing is helping our clients achieve a 25%+ lift in conversion rate, she shares testing examples and discusses the testing strategy that maximizes an organization’s website revenue raising potential.

Download the free Optimization white paper by Rebecca: 5 Tests That Will Transform Your Online Fundraising

Access the webinar recording >> 

(Part 4) April 20 webinar – Micro-Moments: Winning digital with content strategy

Part 4 of Russ Reid’s webinar series on Digital Strategy, extended from parts 1-3, presented by Lindsey Talerico-Hedren, Digital Strategist – Content & Social at Russ Reid. Influenced and aided by the age of digital and social, donors today are making decisions in combinations of micro-moments. Moments where they learn, consider, decide, and plan how their next going to interact with your organization. Will they donate? Will they unsubscribe? Will they tell their friends? What will they say? A savvy digital fundraiser will know that the key to influencing donor decisions means providing the answers before they ask.

Mentioned in this webinar by Lindsey: Organizations I think are mastering content in social media:

  • Siloam Mission (Winnipeg, Canada) – Siloam Mission has mastered their voice in social media turning every piece of content into a really compelling experience for their Facebook Page Likes… not just visually, but their description is written in a way that reflects personality and is packaged in a way that ultimately achieves influence of their audience — by compelling their users about the impact of their donations and otherwise. Recently, they’ve also achieved quite a bit of organic virality on their posts. Check them out, definitely!
  • Los Angeles Mission (Los Angeles, CA) – Los Angeles Mission has evolved their social media strategy over the past 2 years so that it represents an all-inclusive look at the Mission’s happenings from volunteers to donations to student programs. Their focus is very clearly an expression of donor impact and also an “educational” experience that works to educate their audience on what they do (far past meals).
  • Greater Boston Food Bank ( Boston, MA) – The Greater Boston Food Bank is a great example of a food bank who is representing the message of nutrition in ALL of their content. They’ve become a voice, not just in their community but nationwide, on the importance and relevance of nutrition when it comes to food security and healthy meals distribution. In the realm of “educating your audience”, the Greater Boston Food Bank has made nutrition education a key focus and a key experience within their social media content.

Access the webinar recording >> 

(Part 3) March 17 webinar – Post-Click Strategy: Aligning the purpose of your website with the priorities of your organization

Part 3 of Russ Reid’s webinar series on Digital Strategy is presented by Nathan Looney, Director of Digital Strategy at Russ Reid. So you’re driving potential donors to your website, what’s the best strategy post-click? In today’s digitally driven world, your organization’s site is assigned a multitude of tasks. While it’s important for your site to achieve a variety of objectives, sites that treat all objectives equally rarely achieve any of them as well as they could. In this session, we will uncover the importance of creating websites that have primacy of purpose; and how to align that purpose with the goals and aims of your organization. 

Mentioned in this webinar: Nathan’s list of websites worth checking out…

  • For a good use of hierarchy on the homepage: Food Bank of Northern Nevada 
  • Shows impact well: Mercy Ships – Notice, in particular, the graphic on the homepage in the “floating hospital” section and how it further strengthens impact with stories featured on the homepage.
  • For reference on good merchandising of giving opportunities on the homepage: World Vision
  • A site that makes great use of stories: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I particularly like that they have a section devoted to donor/supporter stories.
  • Great use of the feature space and sub copy to demonstrate the need: Water for People
  • The results page of this organization’s site does an excellent job showcasing their impact in an interactive, visually engaging way: Harlem Children’s Zone
  • The homepage and giving pages do a good job of merchandising the various giving opportunities: RU4CHILDREN
  • Prominence of the donate button: ASPCA
  • For great use of visual brand in a superbly organized fashion: World Wildlife Fund We also like their “WWF’s mission” section on the Hompage as this is an organization that could have difficulty in expressing the many things and issues they care about and represent; Instead they leaned on visuals to help and well done! Plus some extra bells and whistles… notice the hover effect on Homepage subfeatures.
  • For a fun and on-brand 404 page: Best Friends Society

Access the webinar recording >> 

(Part 2) March 10 webinar – Pre-click strategy: Tactics for driving potential donors to action 

In this part 2 of the 3-part Digital webinar series by Russ Reid, Director of Digital Media Buying Elliot Wilkerson discusses the tactics that are available within digital media to help drive potential donors to your website. Elliot discusses the basic terminology, how we approach each tactic and how we evaluate performance. 

Resource mentioned in this webinar:

Access the webinar recording >> 

(Part 1) March 3 webinar – Thinking big picture: How digital can drive your next decade of growth 

We, charities, so often think of digital in mostly tactical terms–an email campaign here, a mobile initiative there, some Facebook, a new website, maybe a banner campaign if we’re feeling lucky. There’s money to be made with such tactics. But the key to big growth is a big picture, strategic move that serves your donors’ needs in new ways. 

Resources mentioned by the presenter in this webinar:

And if you’re interested in reading the 2010 Hollywood Reporter article the presenter cited about the shift in the Netflix business model click here.

Access the webinar recording >>