Russ Reid Analytics "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." —Albert Einstein

Knowledge is power.

So we dive right in. We study your programs, your people and your competition. We get to know you. Really know you. It’s the only way to truly discover the most effective plan of action. We test. We analyze. We separate the salient points from the clutter. We optimize all along the way. So when you roll out your campaign, you’ve already got a proven winner.

Through analytics we determine whether fundraising dollars are being optimized, and which acquisition seasons, offers and media channels yield the most value.

Maximizing donor value

And as your fundraising progresses, we continue to focus on six main areas that give us insight into the overall health of your program:

  • Who is in your donor file
  • How segmentation can reach them
  • What trends drive donor performance
  • How to improve conversion rates
  • How to reduce attrition
  • How to maximize long-term donor value

DataSmart: A more intelligent way to maximize donor value

Through our innovative new data warehouse, DataSmart, we quickly, effectively turn your donor transaction data into actionable insight and higher lifetime value. This exclusive, transformational tool can deliver fresh marketing data within days of the last gift transaction.

Delivering faster, deeper insight DataSmart allows our analytics team to help you develop new strategies, build stronger donor relationships, reduce costs and obtain more net revenue faster than ever.

Benefits of DataSmart are many:

  • Donor-level detail
  • Faster insight
  • Better strategies and segmentation
  • Accurate trendspotting
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Reduced attrition
  • Better donor relationships
  • More income

What can DataSmart do for you?  Contact us today to learn how your data can work better, faster and smarter than ever.