Alan Hall, President & CEO | 20+ years of direct marketing experience


One part working cowboy.

One part perfume designer.

And one part Mission Control head honcho.

That’s the formula for creating the kind of guy who can press the limits of the possible for clients of all kinds.

Blame Alan’s down-to-earth upbringing on a ranch for the long and happy relationships he’s helped us achieve with clients like World Vision, Rescue Missions and others. His big-picture thinking has been behind many of our accomplishments for them, both large and small.

For instance, he brought dozens of Food Banks to Russ Reid, where they have grown big and strong. And inside the
agency, he shows us all how to smile, focus on results and reach new heights as a team.

Before we got him, Alan was already a powerhouse.

At Brierley & Partners, he grew their Epson business by 54% in one year. His secret was finding new markets for
both new and old product lines. His launch of eight new hotel brands gave Hilton Honors members plenty of reasons to relax.

And at Team One Advertising, he helped launch the first integrated relationship marketing program for Lexus–with
everything from online magazines to an “Essence of Lexus” perfume.

Now we’re proud to have this innovator lending his simple friendliness and deep insights to support the human causes that are changing the world.

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