Don Haggstrom, Chief Operating Officer | 20+ years of agency operations experience

Don Haggstrom

Framing a house?

Building a database? Creating a better way to run nonprofits? Don is the right guy for the job.

This former building framer from Wheat Ridge, Colorado knows how to put together all kinds of things. Especially great fundraising results.

An unassuming, friendly guy, Don began his advertising career handling financial operations for Smith, Hemmings, Gosden, which later became FCB Direct. There, he worked with high-profile clients like Bank of America, Pac Bell and Toshiba. But he really enjoyed working with the Salvation Army—helping them reduce costs by 25%. Before long, he established himself as the agency’s financial expert.

But that wasn’t enough for Don.

As information systems became more crucial to financial reporting, he became their high-tech expert, too.

But that wasn’t enough for Don.

When a group of old friends urged him to leave FCB Direct and join them at Russ Reid, he came here and created financial systems that have become a best-practice blueprint for the entire worldwide Omnicom network. Finally, he found enough to keep him busy.

Don has been with Russ Reid for about 20 years now.

“I like the partnerships we have with our clients,” he says. “I get to see the results of our work, and I find this absolutely energizing. That’s something I didn’t experience in my previous work.”

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