Holly Taylor, Senior VP, Marketing Operations | 20+ years of direct marketing experience

Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor knows how to slay a dragon.

Whether it’s a budget problem, procedure challenge, or operational snafu (or a just a plot hole in her latest fantasy novel) Holly looks any obstacle in the eye and gracefully overcomes it.

In fact, it is Holly’s quick problem solving—and quicker wit—that make her perfect for Russ Reid’s Senior V.P. of Marketing Operations. Through her leadership, Russ Reid’s project management, operations, print production and data teams continue to deliver the services our clients demand. On time. On budget. And with quality that’s second to none.

But Holly didn’t always sit in the watchtower. She started working at Russ Reid in 1985 as an administrative assistant to an administrative assistant. (No joke.) But her skills, smarts and determination quickly moved her into the Network Operations group, where she helped grow the Missions and Food Bank clients to the collective $23 million worth of business they represent today.

In 2005 Holly was promoted to Vice President and started focusing on agency operations as a whole and now oversees agency and client budgets, staffing, print production, data control and project management for all clients. If it’s in the agency, Holly has her eye on it.

She’s a Green Belt too. As a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, Holly runs improvement projects to streamline agency processes and procedures. An avid fan of fantasy novels, Holly holds a Masters Degree in Medieval literature and is a published author in the genre.

Wow. Budget maker. Problem solver. Dragon slayer. It’s good to have Holly on our side.

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