Lisa Scott Benson, Chief Marketing Officer | 20+ years of direct marketing experience


“I don’t think you can do it.”

That is the very, very last thing you should ever say to Lisa. Because she will prove you wrong.

Oh yes, she will.

You might not pick up on her tenacity right away, because in many ways, she’s so easygoing and just downright nice. But there, along with a razor-sharp mind and focused energy, is the rock that won’t be broken.

A former philosophy major, Lisa is always thinking. Always exploring better ways of doing things. And that’s why she’s back with Russ Reid. For the third time.

Lisa’s take is that, “Every time I go away, I come back better equipped to serve the agency and our clients.” Frankly, it’s hard to argue with her.

Now, Lisa oversees our strategy, media, analytics and digital departments. She engineered the most radical increase that Operation Smile has ever seen. Their donor base increased 560%, and income went up almost 600%. She was on point for the launch of World Vision Canada’s phenomenally successful Gift Catalog and Best Friends Animal Society’s winning new acquisition strategy.

When Lisa wasn’t achieving great things for Russ Reid, she was learning and exploring at Foote, Cone & Belding; Grey; McCann-Erickson and Direct Partners. There, in the commercial sector, she became a direct marketing and strategic planning expert on numerous commercial accounts.

She also developed a real understanding for what makes great brands. Now that she’s back with Russ Reid, she’s helped refocus and revitalize the agency’s brand.

So what’s next for Lisa?

Whatever it is, just don’t tell her that it can’t be done—unless you’re prepared to admit you were wrong.

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