Lisa Smith, Senior VP, Data Insights & Integration | 20+ years of direct marketing experience


Deep Data Dives. Carl Yastremski. All About Eve.

As a child growing up in Boston, Lisa Smith’s father instilled in her a love of baseball, while her mother shared a passion for classic Hollywood films. By age 7, Lisa could tell you the batting averages of the entire Red Sox roster, followed by quotes from Bette Davis and Vivien Leigh characters.

Statistics and storytelling. Together.

Today, that combination gives Lisa almost cinematic insights into the analytics and strategies of Russ Reid’s clients.

“I’m looking at numbers trying to find what they’re telling me about specific audiences,” says Lisa. “Not just that this segment produces a particular ROI–but who’s in that segment, what do they feel, and what’s their relationship to the offer, mission and cause.”

While at Epsilon in 1991, Lisa led a decade-long relationship with Covenant House. There, she became an early practitioner of delivering a donor-centric approach to measurements and messaging. She and her team pioneered new segmentation and investment strategies based on a donor’s value, while engaging them across multiple channels. Other agencies are still catching up to what Lisa’s team was implementing over 20 years ago.

Today, Lisa uses analytics and her data-driven insights to find those critical stories within the numbers and accelerate strategy.

Statistics and storytelling–Lisa’s perfect pairing helps drive response for a wide array of clients. Here’s looking at you, kid.

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