Robbin Gehrke, Senior VP, Creative Insights & Integration | 35+ years of direct marketing experience

Robbin Gehrke

The second daughter in a family of eight children within an 11-year span, Robbin learned at an early age how to creatively manage lots of unruly personalities.

“It was the perfect training for life in an ad agency,” says Robbin.

From early on she was also an avid, if not passionate, reader and author, penning her first novel, “a mystery set in post-war Germany,” she says, at just eight years of age. In high school, she took this skill to the next level. She studied Spanish, French, German and Russian. At Occidental College, her gift for linguistics and philosophy led to a
National Science Foundation Fellowship at MIT.

But a funny thing happened on her way to becoming a career academic.

Robbin’s consuming interest in creative writing, and a new love in her life led her to move across country and begin her career in direct response advertising.

As a junior copywriter, she wrote a direct mail package that beat the control package for a major client by 700%.

From that point, her career took off like a shot.

Racking up one successful campaign after another, Robbin quickly became SVP and Creative Director at Wonderman West/Young & Rubicam Direct. Then she left to become EVP at Brierley & Partners, where she ran creative, and later strategic planning. There, she helped create Customer Relationship Management programs, with enormously successful campaigns for United Airlines, Hilton, Hertz, Time-Life, UPS and others.

Since joining Russ Reid in 1994, she has led the agency in pioneering new approaches and strategies in fundraising, which resulted in Echo Award-winning DRTV and DM campaigns, and record-breaking catalogs.

Looking back, it seems like Robbin was meant for this job all along as she deftly manages our unruly group and leads us all to more creative ways to translate our ideas into great results.

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