Steve Harrison, Senior VP, Client Services | 20+ years direct marketing experience

Steve Harrison

A rock star in a three-piece suit?

It’s a description that fits Steve Harrison to a T.

Steve grew up in direct response, developing his chops at companies like Interactive Momentum and DirectONE where he managed membership and loyalty programs for Chase Manhattan Bank, Spiegel and Newport News.

From there, he became VP of Direct Marketing at Ronco – learning from the original DRTV pioneer, Ron Popeil, the art of offer development and upselling. Steve led DRTV and marketing for some of the most famous infomercial products – like Six Star Cutlery and the Showtime Rotisserie.

Now as Russ Reid’s buttoned-up Senior Vice President, his strong strategic and analytical skills, proven multi-channel fundraising experience, and exceptional client service and account management expertise all help our clients grow beyond. So Steve is a crowd pleaser, overseeing all of our national level accounts, enhancing the fundraising efforts of the American Red Cross, Operation Smile, Food for the Poor, St. Jude, American Cancer Society, ChildFund, Feed The Children, World Vision, and others across the North America.

But despite his big arena business accomplishments, Steve never forgets that it all comes down to simple, personal relationships. With a smile and a laugh, he builds and nurtures real friendships everywhere he goes.

No wonder we think Steve rocks.

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